Category: 2018 – Volume 7 – Issue 2

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Both Reintroduction and Recolonization Likely Contributed to the Re-establishment of a Fisher Population in East-central Alberta

Gilbert PROULX, Keith B. AUBRY, Adam L. BRANDT, Jessica R. BRANDT, Benjamin N. SACKS, Jun J. SATO, and Thomas L. SERFASS
CWBM 7 (2): 96-100

Recently, Stewart et al. (2017) investigated the origins of contemporary fisher populations in the Cooking Lake Moraine (CLM) of east-central Alberta, Canada, where fishers (Pekania pennanti) from Ontario and Manitoba, Canada were reintroduced in the early 1990s.

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North American Model of Wildlife Conservation: Empowerment and Exclusivity Hinder Advances in Advances in Wildlife Conservation

Thomas L. SERFASS, Robert P. BROOKS, and Jeremy T. BRUSKOTTER
CWBM 7 (2): 101-118

We argue that the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation (NAM) as currently promoted is an overly narrow construct, used both to explain how North American wildlife conservation developed historically, and as a prescriptive framework for applying a hunting-focused form of wildlife conservation.

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