Wildlife Conservation & Management in the 21st Century

Wildlife Conservation & Management – Issues, Solutions, and New Concepts – 2023

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Wildlife Conservation & Management – Issues, Solutions, and New Concepts is a book that addresses the many concerns associated with wildlife today. The book consists of 10 chapters that provide wildlife biologists, naturalists, environmentalists, and managers with a review of past and present concerns and problems, paves the way for a more effective model of wildlife conservation, and challenges the wildlife profession to ensure with utmost professionalism the viability of wildlife populations and habitats.

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About the Video Summit (Dec. 2023)

Discover the latest research, insights, and wildlife biology and management discussions. Explore topics such as conservation, reintroductions, and the ecological advantages of wolf populations. With presenters from renowned institutions, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and connect with field experts. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your horizons and contribute to the future of wildlife.

Please feel free to visit our video summit website for more details on the 2023 summit: Alpha Wildlife Summits.


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Info for Authors

Want to publish your work?
We are inviting you to submit your contributions on Canadian Wildlife Distribution.

Special Issue

The Canadian Wildlife Biology & Management journal will produce a Special Issue on Mountain Lion Conservation and Management that will be published in late fall 2024, CWBM Volume 13 (subject to change depending on submitted manuscripts and level of participation).

We invite you to submit a paper on any of the following subjects:

  • Population Management and Predation
  • Habitat Management
  • Human-wildlife conflicts
  • Impacts of logging, urban development and human activities
  • Current and future management challenges
  • New technology

Please note that all publication fees will be waived for this Special Issue.

Gilbert Proulx – Editor
Mark Elbroch – Guest Editor – Mountain Lion Conservation and Management