Mammal Trapping Soft Cover Bound Book

Mammal Trappings Video Summit – 2021

Limited Edition – Summit Presentation Soft-Cover Bound Books – $135 CDN (includes shipping)

This compilation of Mammal Trappings – Wildlife Management, Animal Welfare & International Standards video summit presentations offers summit presenters, attendees, and those in the community who could not attend another look at how mammal trapping plays a vital role in today’s societies.

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About the Video Summit (Nov. 2021)

Mammal Trapping plays a vital role in today's societies. While trapping is part of land-based lifestyles, it is also used in wildlife management and conservation programs to monitor and control wildlife populations, in agricultural landscapes to remove animals that cause significant damage to crops and livestock, and in research to better understand the ecological needs of a species.

However, the way with which trapping is being carried out and its impact on mammal populations are a source of societal concerns. Furthermore, recent scientific investigations and reviews have shown that current animal trapping devices and standards fail to meet state-of-the-art trapping technology. (Updating the AIHTS Trapping Standards to Improve Animal Welfare and Capture Efficiency and Selectivity)

Video Summit aims to:
1. Review animal welfare science in mammal trapping;
2. Review the role of mammal trapping in wildlife conservation and management programmes; and
3. Discuss and develop state-of-the-art international mammal trapping standards to adequately address animal welfare and trapping efficiency and selectivity.

Please feel free to visit our video summit website for more details on the 2021 summit: Alpha Wildlife Summits

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